Paul Miller – A graduate of MIT in Electrical Engineering, Paul co-founded Sunrise Systems with Henry and Judy in 1976. Until his untimely death in 2005, Paul was responsible for designing many technological breakthroughs in the LED sign industry. They include the world’s first programmable microprocessor-based LED sign, the first tri-color LED sign, the first of the large format full color signs and his last design, the “Curtain Wall”; a transparent LED sign on which text and graphics can travel across the sign face while allowing the viewer to see right through the sign.




Jenny Holzer / Paul Miller /Constructed /  Art Works - Art Mito Japan, - New National Gallery, Berlin, Germany - Guggenheim Museum, New York
Mr. Paul A. Miller, 55, of Marshfield died Tuesday, November 8, 2005 at the New Convention Center in Pittsburgh PA, while on a business trip. The son of the late Theodore and Patricia Pitts Miller, he was born in New Brunswick NJ on June 5, 1950. He was raised and educated in Plainfield NJ and was a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Mr. Miller was formerly a resident of Cambridge and Scituate before moving to Marshfield 19 years ago. He was an Electrical Engineer and was Co-Owner of Sunrise Systems of Pembroke. He was a member of the Society of Environmental Graphic Designers, a member of the American Public Transit Association and a member of the American Association of Museums. Paul enjoyed mountain climbing, back packing and classical music. He is survived by his wife, Andrea L. Perkins Miller, 1 son, Thomas Byron Miller of Marshfield, 1 sister, Georgina Martin of Manville NJ and 1 niece, Bonnie Martin of Princeton NJ
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Jenny Holzer - Paul Miller - Pittsburgh 2005    
Books in blue light chosen as convention center art

Friday, March 28, 2003  By Patricia Lowry, Post-Gazette Architecture Critic

"It relies on the persistence of vision to create a coherent image on your retina," said Paul Miller, co-founder and chief engineer of Sunrise Systems, the Massachusetts custom LED sign company that has produced Holzer's work since the mid-1980s. The letters will scroll vertically up the horizontal tubes, which will be about 2 inches wide, 14 inches long and spaced about 7 inches apart.

Each plastic tube, Miller said, has almost 360-degree visibility because it comprises two narrow circuit boards with LEDs aimed in different directions, one toward the city and the other toward the river. Miller's company designed the tube for a piece Holzer did last year for a telephone company's new headquarters building in Norway, where it was installed under the eaves of the facade. This will be its second application...

Tom Sokolowski, director of The Andy Warhol Museum and a member of the artist selection jury, said the group decided a media and light work "would give the boldest image for the building" and represent Pittsburgh in the 21st century...

Holzer said she is seeking permission to use Annie Dillard's "An American Childhood," Thomas Bell's "Out of This Furnace" and John Edgar Wideman's "Sent for You Yesterday," among others, as well as historic texts...

The Sports & Exhibition Authority, which voted yesterday to pay up to $875,000 for the work, hopes to have it installed in time for the center's grand opening in September."